Venture Capital

You have

  • Commit for the long term: Invested capital tier up for five ten year
  • Commit a $40mm to $200mm investment: Substantial overall investment; deal often require multiple financing rounds
  • Accept a higher risk profile: Roughly 3/10 fail, 5 perform well and 2 exceed expectations
  • Accept limited management control: Minority stakes with an observer’s role and risk shared with co/investors
  • Be ready to pay the exit price: Acquisition of 100 percent of a target requires paying market price to co-investors

You want

  • Make entrepreneurial decisions: Identify and evaluate emerging business opportunities under uncertainty
  • Look beyond industry borders: Use CVC to increase strategic options, not to fill short/term gaps in the product line
  • Accept occasional failures: Awareness of inherent risk of failure

You will get

  • Build a strong deal network: Link to venture capital community for strong deal flow and market trends
  • Link to the parent organization: Close cooperation and information sharing with business units and corporate functions
  • Fast-track investment decisions: Efficient investment process (due diligence and deal closing)
  • Manage deals end to end: Evaluate post deal management and exit strategy before investing


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